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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gifted with Some Wind!

On the day before my birthday, the gods gifted me with a breeze for this evening's twilight. 9-16 knots. Enough, anyways, to leave a wake in the water and a smile on my face. We were incredibly short-handed (by two!), but those aboard rendered excellent sail handling and trimming. Rusty after what had seemed tohave been a month away from competition, I elected a conservative start toward the middle of the line. Worked out. It was good to be back in the front pack. On one swell, Das Boot clocked 8.2 knots. Mainsheet Trimmer took home the 3rd place glass. He fully deserved it.


  1. Happy Birthday Doc, Happy birthday

    1. Fukitol! It was you who sent it? The wind? I should have known! Thank you!!!!

    2. Must have been the after effects of the curry we had for tea !!!

    3. Actually, last week's wind was more like curry....