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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm a Happily-Married Man, but that Doesn't Mean I Can't Look! (Again!!!)

I just can't touch!

I first posted on the Class 2M back on 17 March. I can't leave it there because Philippe Joneau, representing Naval Force 3, has sent me this absolutely arresting and stunning photo, above. (Please don't forget to click on it to expand!) My original post follows....

Forum Marine says that its Class 2M

is a sleek contemporary keel boat ... A true upwind keel boat, Class 2M is a sailboat associating performance and design ... will satisfy both those looking for leisurely cruising and those wishing to race. Its spacious and clear cockpit as well as its good seaworthiness make this day-boat an ideal choice for trips out alone or with the family.

Its contemporary hull with sharp forward waterlines, allied to a generous and powerful sail plan will satisfy the most demanding racing sailors seeking performance.

Class 2M possesses a lifting keel, a real innovation on a keel boat of this type, which allows easy transport and launching, facilitating interclub regattas. Mast stepping is also simple thanks to a simple system.

The design of Class 2M is characterized by sober and tense lines where the notion of shape is strictly connected to its function. Minimalism also defines this project where the pure lines give a timeless aspect.
Timeless? I wish it were so. Trophy Wife is not worried. She's right when she tells me my lake and bay sailing is over. But oh, Baby!


  1. This here would be a NPB boat.

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  3. I have a dirty mind, I saw the title and immediately imagined some hot, ravenhaired babe sensually lounging on the deck of a big and expensive boat.

    On a serious note as I was browsing around a Key West-based blog I read a post about catboats. A small group of friends were sailing around the mouth of Everglades National Park in catboats and it looked like heaven.

  4. I did a quick Google on Class 2M. I see Sailing World reviewed it last year as part of their Boat of the Year trials. I have to say that the Sailing World page for the Class 2M has the most amazing comment spam I have ever seen.

  5. Oh, you can touch. Virtually. Five bucks buys you a virtual 2m. There are weekly races even. I have covered the virtual 2m several times in case you wanna take a look. Five bucks. I'll give u a ride for free if you drop by Tradewinds YC. Just whisper Sozadee, and I'll know it is you.

  6. @Tillerman: That is the badest-ass spam I have ever seen. Sailing World needs to get about cleaning it up.

    @Noodles: SL's flat waters make the Class M2 a must buy, even at $5!

    @Beach Bum: I have known for a long time what tanned and trim ladies with long raven-colored hair do to you, but that's in the FL. Noodles is in the SL. Not sure you want to go there, even if it's just for a sail.

  7. that is a pretty sleak looking boat. I'm not sure how much I like the sort of clear sails, though.

  8. @tillerman - that SailingWorld website must have turned off the captcha spam barrier.

  9. The take-away is that Sailing World should have used Blogger as a website platform.

  10. hello,
    il y a 3 unités qui navigue sur Paris au YCIF Yacht Club de l'Ile de France, 2 sur le lac d'ANNECY (france) et 1 au USA chez Forum Marine.
    demandez lui un essai!!
    nous allons sortir une version sport qui va bientôt naviguer
    suivez les aventures du Class 2M sur facebook/class2m

    1. Philippe, if I sailed inland, on lakes or in harbors, I would book the next trans-Atlantic flight and buy the next Class 2M out of the mold. Because it would be the last boat I would own.

    2. If I could own one, I'd name her Perfect!