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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Winds Forecasts Keep Me in the Bar

Decision Time was 1600 hrs. Fish or cut bait. I was hedging, wavering, reaching for my email. Trophy Wife cut bait, reached for her phone and started calling crew off. Fine with me. From the house it looked like a washing machine out there. Emails from a friend in the harbor said 25 knots. And then, a few minutes  later, 35 knots. The only plus was it was warm, over 90º . Today was the vacation race, separating the Spring twilight season from the Summer series: it was not to count in either. I did not want to risk crew or rig for a meaningless race. By the time we got down there, we discovered seven out of a dozen Fleet regulars agreed with us. Two from our team caught a wet ride on a 105 and enjoyed themselves. At their age, I would have, too. Had the day's day-sail really counted as a race, I probably would have gone for it! As I always say, "A good breeze is a horrible thing to waste."


  1. I think the Morgan-27 blew up its jib, if that makes you feel any better.