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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

We were short-handed by two, including Trophy Wife. Short-winded too, of course: 15 knots before the start, but tapered off to under 10 for much of the race. Wind was more southerly, which reduced the final windward leg to the finish to a close, close reach. Two yachts exchanged paint and shouts minutes before the start. (Not ours!)

Good crew chemistry & sail handling. Good sunset. Personally, a good workout. Finish? Not so much.... But who cares about that?


  1. Oh, come on - we do care some about the finish. It is a competition. But I do agree that ultimately - as in "what will I remember about this day" several months from now, it is certainly not the finishing place per se - the memorable thing is doing something right (or wrong) and I liked your first 2 points - crew chemistry and sail handling - good work.

    1. I like your nick, "Keep Reaching". That is inspired, profound, and always applicable.