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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring # 4

We had every hope to have a 11-mile race around the nearest oil platform, but the Race Committee didn't believe the winds predicted. My prediction was that, an hour into the race we would have 14 knots. At 1459hrs, I showed 13 knots over the rail and building. By then, we were on the last leg of another same ol' boring 4+ nm triangle course which the RC substituted. But we had an excellent new crew. Spinnaker went up flawlessly. The rest of the sail handling was equally fine. Dicey start was very competitive in 4 knots. I was proud of our ability to thread a path on port tack through a lot hulls. Finished 7th out of 14, and we were able to present our newest crew member, who brought beer (Corona!), with a glass.

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  1. You always have a complaint. What will it be tonight?