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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Tokyo-Sydney Virtual Race!

It’s beginning on Saturday the 26th. The Tokyo to Sydney virtual challenge is a completely virtual race, with a course between Japan and Australia, crossing an incredible number of islands, as Micronesia, la Melanesia and Coral Sea. Aboard a Maxi Multi 70 with impressive performances.

All options for $15 American (approximately). For those who don’t sail the race, a spectator mode will be dispayed on the Tokyo Sydney Challenge.

Race starts in 3 hours and 35 minutes from now.


  1. I'm sitting this one out, as a spectator. Oh, and I see Doc has already run aground! He's in 749th! How many boats are there in this race, Doc?

    1. I think there are 750 boats! BTW, don't you always sail these as the Spectator Boat?

    2. It's true. (overslept!) I had a slight grounding on Tateyama Point. No damage except for paint. Embarrassing. I'm going to try to change the name of my yacht to "Spectator Boat".

  2. How's it working out for you? This race?

  3. Hi Doc,

    Only 36 hours to the start of the next leg of the clipper.

    Good luck to all.