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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clipper Round-the-World Race: Leg 11 (?) Panama to New York City

After successfully transiting the largest man-made canal in the world, the Panama Canal, all ten entries of the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race are preparing for their next venture – Race 11 to New York.

The fleet is currently at Shelter Bay and is expected to leave Saturday in the afternoon local time (+5 hours UTC). They will make their way 60 miles off shore for a Le Mans start expected to happen overnight subject to weather conditions.

This leg (I have no idea how they're numbering them any longer) is about 1800 Nautical Miles long, Jamaica must be left to port side. A  mark will be placed on the "Morant Point," at the East end of the island to symbolize the course to follow. The passage between the islands of Cuba and Haiti, then through the Bahamas archipelago is free.

Since the English Premier League is ending Sunday, Mother's Day (of all days), I will be able to devote more attention  to Virtual Regatta's simulation of this Clipper RTW leg. So that means all of the virtual skippers who have been ridiculing me for my dismal results in past legs are on notice.

That means you, Fukitol, Yachts of Fun, Contiguous, Belladonna, and No Going Back.