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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Centennial Cup 2010

Psyché's Song won the 2009 CHRF Championship which combines the standings of the Wet Wednesday Series with the CHRF High Point finishes. This is something we have done two or three times in the past, but is no mean achievement. Just showing up doesn't do it. Your crew has to be persistent, especially in marginal conditions when other crews just don't put out to get the most out of a rig. 11 throwouts in the High Point out of 21 races is, to me, exorbitant. Nevertheless, it is what it is.

It should also be pointed out, for instance, that we clinched it by dint of the efforts of Psyché's Song's women persevering in the season's overtime (into December) to sail a re-scheduled Lady-at-the-Helm race. It was sailed in 20 knots! Which was better than the 30+ knots in the scheduled version, earlier in the year!

Winning the Fleet Championship requires one to represent the Fleet in the Centennial Cup to decide the Club Champion. This year's Centennial was sailed in FJ's instead of the usual Venture-21's. Because the optimal crew weight for these collegiate dinghies was 300lbs, I wisely decided to ask Psyché's Song's Mainsheet Guy and MVP to sail the event.

How they did is not germain. The point is, they showed up, were not as overweight as I would have made our entry. I was proud of the lads!