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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunset for October

A couple of observations/explanations are in order. Ballou is an unlicensed Ornithologist. Secondly, our pro active Harbor Works is trying to sneak in some last minute repairs on the breakwater in advance of the winter storms.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Japan Tsunami Funds Aid Whaling Fleet

I don't believe this story!

Japan's whaling fleet has left its home port for another turbulent season in the Southern Ocean, this year courtesy of extra money from the nation's earthquake recovery fund. The Japan Fisheries Agency says the trip's use of $28 million from the earthquake recovery fund is legitimate, because it is taken from the government’s own quake recovery fund.

Greenpeace Japan executive director Junichi Sato says it is a massive stretch to link whaling to the earthquake says it's immaterial whether earthquake relief funds funds are derived from domestic or international sources:
It's not related to the recovery at all. . . . It is used to cover the debts of the whaling program because the whaling program itself has been suffering from big financial problems. . . . It is absolutely disgraceful for the Japanese government to pump yet more taxpayer money on an unneeded, unwanted and economically unviable whaling program, when funds are desperately needed for recovery efforts..
I agree.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lady at the Helm Race

Like many of our races, LATHeR is a pursuit race. As can be seen from the photo above, we are in pursuit in quite a few boats on the first leg. Also quite apparent is that I haven't yet dialed in my new camera: this was my best shot for the day. I should have taken this opportunity to try more photos; definitely need the practice.

 Since Trophy Wife had two other ladies aboard to back her up, I had zippo time at the helm. Very frustrating for me, that there is little I am capable of doing on Das Boot anymore, other than driving. I totally was too weak as mainsheet grinder at the leeward mark, for example.

However the day was tank-top warm with a steady 15-20 knots. I found myself consciously suppressing competitive calculations ("What can we do to do better against X-boat"). I wanted to concentrate on just being in buoyant motion on a sublimely beautiful day.

At the end of which, Trophy Wife received a glass for a well-sailed 5th place out of a dozen.
Here are some shots from a Photo Boat!