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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3rd Place in Wet Wednesdays

Just wanted to bring everyone up to date and, with the spray settled around the conclusion of Wet Wednesday 2009, it seemed a good time to do it.
The purpose of this chart is to display the standings for the Fleet Championship which decides which CHRF boat represents the Fleet in the January 2010 Centennial Cup. From the CHRF Fleet the boat which wins a berth in the Centennial Cup combines averages its final place in the 2009 Wet Wednesdays with its CHRF High Point standings. For this reason, the chart only displays the performance of boats which were competitive in both series. From the chart you can tell that Psyché's Song finished 3rd in the Wet Wednesday bracket and is in an insecure 3rd place in the High point Standings.

With four CHRF races to go, Psyché's Song, leads Zephyr by 6 points (134-128) in the High Point! Should we lose that lead, the Centennial Cup berth becomes a tie and is resolved by esoteric statistical manipulations. Very dicey! Since High Point standings at this time of year are determined as much by throw-outs as they are determined by on-the-water performances, a six-point difference is nothing. Anything can happen.

The next thing that happens is the Lady-At-The-Helm Race this Sunday. Our dock departure will be at 13:00hrs.

Hope for wind. Expect to win. Sail for speed!