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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wet Wednesday, 2-6 Knots

It appears from these photos that there is little apparent motion. That's accurate: there was little apparent wind. On this afternoon, Psyché's Song may have been the last boat to round D-Mark. (Perhaps Sea Note was back there.) But from there on, Psyché's Song drifted past a number of lighter boats. After rounding H-Mark and heading DDW, we lashed the oscillating main amidst-ship to safe the wear on the rigging and to protect heads of crew. It stabilized the boat some and was thus preferable to taking the main down. We carried the spinnaker all the way to the finish which was a few minutes before sundown. Although we passed many boats, we did not save our corrected time. We corrected out to 6th place among seven finishing boats, all of which were awarded trophies.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer # 2

With three members of the Hard Core in N'Orleans, John Jeffreys joined Mark on Foredeck. Skipper got greedy on the last leg, trying to lee-bow Browser in a dying breeze and lost two or three other boats. We still received a glass for 11th place.