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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Last Beer Can?

End of the twilight racing for The Good Guys for this year. A Lamentable season for several reasons:
  • Quirky weather. Foggy drifters. I should be able to deal with this. A good racer should be able to compete in a wide variety of conditions. 
  • Quirky Crew: People go on vacations. (Go figure!) People buy their own boats. (There's lesson in that! Several lessons!) Replacement crew is irregular. You try to retain the trainable; jettison the other. Regardless, crew chemistry oscillates. Will the return of the hard-core in a week improve things? Maybe, unless even they return resolved to buy their own boat.
  • Same Ol' Boat: As I have said, many times, your dependable,retainable crew is part of your boat's equity. I have just not been getting much R.O.I. recently. And this big boat is not teaching me much anymore. 
  • Getting older (me): Maybe that goes to not learning anything. Maybe that goes to my diminished capacity to process a wide variety of inputs: changes in wind, currents, water, boats. Maybe it goes to a lowered level of expectations. As I began the 2nd leg yesterday, I heard my inner self ask me, "What the hell's point?" My inner self answered, "FIIK!"
What now? 

Every end is a beginning.

Maybe the old crew can be restored and we resume our Sunday voyages of lowered expectations? Maybe I will sense that I can no longer competitively and safely sail a boat this large? Any size? Maybe I will myself to become boatless, because I can't afford a suitable boat? 

If that happens will I console myself by acknowledging that my circumstances are now identical with 99% of humanity?

That's the only consolation imaginable.


  1. You try to retain the trainable; jettison the other.

    I hope you took pictures of them walking the plank.

  2. The only way out is to lose your job. Then you won't be able to afford your current bucket or its passengers.

  3. For the moment....
    Each one is a lifetime.

    You realize this when your moments are rationed.

    Smile and get er done ;)

  4. Save $50 from your severance check for Civilization V?