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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Late Again! The Clipper Race 'Round the World Starts Without Me!

The sixth stage in the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht (Virtual) Race from Tauranga to Gold Coast, Australia.
The 1150 mile course began in effect with 15 to 20 knot winds heading north-east, and the first to turn at Te Hapu - the North Cape of Maori - should see a reverse effect of the winds changing to Southwest which shall be "interesting" without doubt.

The start of the race sees the fleet slalom the Colville Channel avoiding the aptly named Great Barrier Island. From then on, the crossing should not be too problematic and the arrival at the Gold Coast, a beautiful port located south of Brisbane will be made all the more magnificent with Mount McPherson setting a spectacular backdrop.
Hours late at the start, I've worked myself up to 4,282nd place!


  1. Well that's me messed up as per my name, slept through wind change and woke up with a bump, some bit of land got in my way so now chasing Contig in 129th and just ahead of the Container and Bella.
    Must remember to set alarm clock tomorrow!!!

  2. Well, there's always the "secret weapon", Doc.

  3. Here we go again. Great pic of the start - bow on - feel like I'm on board. Sure don't have 20 knots of wind now.Painfully slow waiting for some of the wind boxes to go by.

    Kuckitol - need to apply a couple of coats of BOATOX to your hull. Helps to give you a forward bounce when engaging rocks and other impervious objects.

    Good luck to all.

  4. Contiguous ............516
    Open Container III ....816
    Belladonna .......... 2969
    No Going Back ....... 4325
    Yachts of Fun ...... 10158

  5. There have been some changes:
    Open Container III ....514
    Contiguous ............549
    No Going Back ....... 3422
    Belladonna .......... 4324
    Yachts of Fun ....... 7860

  6. I blew it at the weather change this morning. I had 5 minutes to do a Hail Mary course change and I didn't get the ball through the hoop. This leg is dead to me now.

  7. I want to quickly forget this race ! The VOR start of the second leg is in 2 hours 30'. I'll try to do better in this one !

  8. I signed up for VOR out of curiosity. But I can't invest the time necessary to learn the play. Good luck

  9. Hey, what's going on ? This blog seems to be very INACTIVE these days !
    Don't forget next leg of the Clipper, departure on Xmas eve !

  10. 01:30 UTC on Dec. 24, they say on VR site. But check !!!

  11. If I get it right, it might well be 16:30 on Dec. 23 California time. (???)

  12. Well, well, well, my avatar is back. Surprise :-)))