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Saturday, August 18, 2012

SBA Football Club

The English Premier League season of 2012-13 kicks off in the morning. Two weeks prior, seven of us participated in a tension-filled conference call to draft our own teams in our own Rotisserie league. Since then most of us had a few adjustments.

Here is my SBA FC as the EPL starts up. There are a number of conflicts and problems contained herein. Not going to talk about them. Loose lips sink ships. The point is to post, here, my original team for the purpose of contrasting it with the finishing 15.


  1. After the first Game Week, SBA is in 4th place out of 7. But I've painfully miscalculated prices and wasted 5 transactions. I have 15 left to last me 18 weeks. It's like fouling a starboard tacker on the start line. Done my penalties. Not looking back.

  2. 1st week in September: both Santa Barbara Attitude & L. A. Dodgers are in 2nd place! Purgatory?

  3. Think I'm dead in the water. Too many bad trades.....