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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Much to Say About Tonight's Twilight Race

Another perfect start in another 5.4nm triangular race with 13 other boats in a 13-20 knot breeze. ¾ of Das Boot's crew was aboard. Surfer Dude was missing on account of work and The Kid deserted in favor of another boat needing his 200lbs more than ours. But our team was up to the task.

This race was all about our duel with the C&C. On the first downwind leg, she pulled ahead under spinnaker. Before gybing at the reaching mark, the C&C doused her chute. On the following leg we caught her, but could not pass her to weather or to leeward.

On the final beat, we lost a place to a multi-hull and crossed the finish line in 5th place. Das Boot corrected out to 1st Place by 2 seconds.


  1. 1st Place! Enough said! Except, congratulations. That's great.

  2. Nice race! And good photography! I'm playing the card, "We were short-handed"! That's the only reason you beat us so badly!

  3. Excuse me, but doesn't that first photo depict a perfect start?

    1. It was a perfect start and I have expressed my gratitude to the photographer for the evidence. Unexpectedly, my performances are improving. In saying that, I'm mindful that pride rideth before fall.

      I'm feeling Vin Scully today. Scully was recently was quoted in the LA Times about retirement. Scully is a much better man, a much older man, and his accomplishments are off the scales compared to mine. But I heard his words talking about coming back in 2015, his 66th season:

      My health is good. That's the primary thing. Certainly, my enthusiasm is still there. I feel all the good things you are supposed to feel.

      I know one thing: Every adult male that I know — and they're not fans, necessarily — they say, 'Don't retire.'

      I don't want to just be hanging on. That's why I want to watch my work and, if I'm worthy of it, continue.

      I find myself continuously asking myself, am I just hanging on? Waiting for my that inevitable moment when I lose my footing? Injury to myself or others?

      It is better to step down and step back than to be relieved of command by circumstances. When that time comes, will I recognize it? In time?

    2. Lin and Larry Pardey think you should sail As long As It's Fun.

    3. Karen Sykes, a 70-year-old hiker, died doing what was fun for her. Do I want to die on my boat? Maybe there is something to be said for that. Like David did.

    4. Regardless of where/when you die, your goal should be to outlive all of your fellow sailors!