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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lowered Expectations

I switched out my set of expectations. Last year I approached each race with expectations of triumph. This year, due more to age and medical circumstances than to the craft I'm sailing, my expectations are more limited: Finishing.

Tonight, starting in the middle of line worked out well for us. Was a tad late, but not by much. Could be a teeny little more aggressive on timing. Had plenty of time and water to choose from in tacking on to port, into the beach. Once there, against the swim bouys' obstruction, discovered lots of competition. We did well in quick-tacking up the narrow corridor between the kelp and the swimming area. The large forty-footer ahead of us couldn't take the pressure and inadvertently sailed into the swimming area and a DSQ.

Out of dozen boats we were 4th at the weather mark and 4th on elapsed time at the finish. But still managed to lose out to the pesky yellow boat!