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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Self Humiliation!

Lousy start and I went down hill from there. It's as if my mind went blank with 90 seconds to go and I reverted to past habits of trying to start on the pin end. I have less flexibility in terms of trimming control than on Das Boot.

So, my game plan is to start in the middle of the line where there's clear air & water. But tonight, that went out the window. Write it down to lack of concentration. This pitiful position forced me to accommodate starboard tackers up course, to take too many tacks, to find myself in the middle of the Kelp sea. 4th at the weather mark, but clueless from there on. Everyone passed us. Finished 3rd from the bottom of a 13-boat fleet!


  1. C'mon Doc! Stop giving yourself a hard time? I hope you still enjoyed the evening :)

    1. Yeah! What's wrong with me! My attitude! I'm not far from attempting a comeback as a Virtual Yacht Racing skipper!