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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Over Early!

I killed our chances tonight by crossing the start line seconds early. It was serious because we were confined in a sandwich of boats on either side of us who started on time; it took painfully long to gain water to return and restart. I could blame certain crew members who were absent and are our flawless time keepers, but the responsibility is all mine.
After the start, I more or less turned the helm over to SP and he recovered much of my lost ground. We finished 6th and corrected out to 8th out 13 boats. We had a good steady 13+ knot breeze!


  1. What's the point of letting others sail your boat? Why not stay ashore, drink in the club, watch, photograph and stay dry?

  2. A very good point except that our fleet rules require owners being on board when boats are racing. Last night, being so weak & old, I was trying very hard just to stay aboard.