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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A-Team Does Better

I missed A-Team's start tonight because I stationed myself on Shoreline Park's cliffs where I could look down on the most likely windward marks. After Dazz rounded D-Mark in steady wind, I packed in my camera and went home to work. There was a lot of empty water in front and behind her, so I reckoned there would be an uneventful parade and undramatic finish ahead.

Turns out that the wind died off completely and the came up (a little) from the east. Dazz threaded her way from 10th up to 3rd (out of a dozen boats)!

I texted the crew that I never had felt so unneeded.


  1. Where would they have been without you? On shore, that's where! I hope you were not seriously injured in your fall.

  2. Panda, the boat is in escrow. I'm at the end of the my rope as far as sailing.