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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Original Open Container

I think it was in 1990 that I was going though my last (of several) mid-life crises. I purchased an SR> Max 21, a brand-new design by Glen Henderson. Its LOA was a couple of inches over 21 feet and its beam was 8½ feet. At the time it was an attractive pocket rocket with flared topside and drop-keel.

But this was a miscalculation. I discovered I was past my dry-sailing stage: the queue in front of the local hoist was just too much of a wait for an out-of-towner (which I was then). Moved it to Newport Beach and parked it in a slip. Enjoyed twilight racing for a year or so, but I always felt the boat was designed for trailer storage: I didn't like to think about what was happening inside the keel's trunk while it soaked in salt water 24-7. Plus, Trophy Wife didn't enjoy foredeck as much as I hoped. She took this photo of Open Container sailed by myself and #4 son.

I never liked selling any boat I have owned because I always had the thought that there was something more each had to teach me. Open Container was no exception: we were clearly not done with each other, but I had to set her free.

It was still very, very, very hard to sell her off to a (younger) Lake Tahoe sailor!


  1. Let's see. A life span is three score years and ten. So mid-life is 35. So if you were mid-life in 1990 then you are 55 now. Right?

  2. Tillerman, I have not edited my original post in which I clearly state,

    ...last (of several) mid-life crises...

  3. Did Open Container have a sail drive?

  4. No. No outboard, either. No stinkin' motor!

  5. So you are not denying that you are 55?