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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour de France Voile 2010 - Leg 3 Has Finished

Near as I can tell, this Leg started 0600hrs PDT. 

Had a good start and things improved from there. And I didn't mind the 24 hour drifter so much as it was shared by all. However, circumstances such as having to go off to work forced me to drift northwards, to the port extreme of the fleet. When the wind returned, unlucky me! It's on my nose: from now on, for the most part for four more hours.

23-Jul 0640hrs:

This wind shift clobbered Open Container III. It was not unexpected: I just wasn't able to move around much in the 24-hour vacuum that proceeded it.

In just a few hours I lost 3,000 boats. In rounding Corsica, I have gained only 1,000 back.

It's back in the pack for me for the rest of the Race.

25-Jul 1409hrs:

If you click to expand the chart below you'll see that I finished in 7th place of twelve randomly selected boats. Only 29 boats separated me from Gilliano.

Hats off to the specatcular finish of my friend on Macavity2


  1. Open Container III had a real bad night, and it's still getting worse. And I can't blame it on Otto. I'll post a chart and maybe a track before I go to work. I think I should wait until the picture gets even uglier.

  2. I'm sailing like an idiot. I give up! I'll finish the damned thing. But when is the next racer?

  3. Yeah, you definitely sux. Bag it in. Next race is La Solitaire du Figaro on Tuesday!

  4. No good choices in the sucky corner I have painted myself. I might as well roll the dice and go south after rounding Corsica.

  5. I certainly see and understand "the ugly". But it looks like you're going the north route and following the fleet?

  6. Yeah, I tried to be conservative.

    In the end, I didn't achieve my 999-or-better finish. But the frequent changes in the leader board in the last hours produced some pleasant surprises. I learned a lot, but nothing to share. (Loose lips sink ships.)

    Kudos to Macavity2 for a spectacular finish!