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Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup Weekend: Half-Time Entertainment

During the half times, we were entertained by a couple of scrimmages. Tango, on the left, represented the visitors team; and Doberwoman, on the right, represented the home town crowd.

Eventually, they had to 'take it outside'!

And eventually (again) the fútbol games resumed!!!
Scrimmages always end in a tie without sudden death shootouts.


  1. May I be the first to comment? I love the fact that Doberwoman has floppy ears (from a Dachshund lover), and I am elated that you took my request seriously and posted some stuff from the weekend. You are real after all, Doctor Hollandaise, and I am thrilled to see the evidence of that. Now, more of the family and you, you old coot.

  2. Thanks for the pics, Doc! Keep 'em comin'!

  3. Dogs, sailing, World Cup...I gotta pay attention to your blog. You like good microbeer?
    Jimmy CraicHead

  4. You know, those dogs are great buddies! Do they just do that hours on end? Doc, at some point I'd like you to explain "Sozadee" to me in a way that a 5 year old could understand, because I'm lost. And by the way, good game, huh?

  5. Baydog, "Sozadee's" truth comes eventually to all of us who revere the immensity of the sea, the fellowship of mariners and maritime traditions. You may have already realized it. You are among the first of those whom I truly suspect of having discovered it, albeit by a different name. Before the two of us are through with each other I'm sure we will have shared our understandings.

    ITM, Please restore your "Hollandaise" comment to this thread? My site has been very capricious today in what it accepts, retains, or jettisons.

  6. IconJohn, it's good to meet you, too!

    I spent the day on the road to and from L.A. on a medical trip. In the comfort stop on the way down and in the waiting rooms, I was able to glimpse at the TV's. Each time I was watching, the forces of Light were scoring; each time I was away, the forces of Darkness scored. To what should I attribute to this experience? I mean, beyond the mere score of 3-2?

  7. Doc: On my end of the sphere, the "Hollandaise" comment is alive and well on your comments page. Something funky is happening on your end. Forgive me for the foodie reference; I couldn't resist. I'm sure by now you understand.
    And I do believe I've experienced Sozadee, as many others also have. We just may have a different expression for it. BTW, Go Deutschland, das Land meiner Vorfahren!

  8. I can't get enough of the dogs! Nine days later, and I'm still watching. Is that your voice? Is that your wife?